It could be that I got hacked just like the articles I was reading. I heard some strange voices for about a minute then random sounds for over an hour (IN MY NURSERY!!!). The random sounds could be wind but the voices sounded too close to be coming from the street. I sent the logs to the support team. Let’s see if they reply.

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If I wanted to believe this ( I’ll stay nuetral for now ) and it went on for over 2 minutes… you claim an hour of hacking…

I’d have grabbed a phone or an iPad/Tablet and recorded this. Do you have any proof of what you say?

With a claim of an hour that plenty of time to have facts, language spoken, Camera model? Router logs, minimum

I like what @RightlyWitnessed said. Also Do you have 2 Factor Authentication turned on?

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I sent them the logs and after it happened changed the pword and turned on 2-factor.

The language went on for about a minute and the random noises for about an hour until I tuned the plug.

I have no interest in making a point or turning viral so documenting the incident didn’t come to my mind :wink:

Just to make sure, Were you hearing these noises coming from the camera (as in, you were in the room with the camera and sounds were coming from the camera), or were you hearing them from your phone while you were watching live video from the camera?
Particularly if it is the latter, does the camera have a uSD card in it, and if you play back recordings for that time, do you hear the same sounds? Same concept, if there were any events recorded during that time, do those sounds show up on the event recordings?

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