Unknown voices heard from WYZE camera

I keep hearing faint indiscernible voices coming from my camera, both mail and female. Is anyone else having this problem. It’s very unsettling. I’m very close to throwing this thing in the garbage.

And the night vision cam turns on when no one is in the room.

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Can you record their conversation? Maybe you can see if it is a casual conversation or a radio/tv interview.

Years ago I heard voices and music on an old tape recorder when I held down the fast forward button. The recorder did not have a radio.

Can you hold down the Mike and talk with them?

What do you mean “turns on” is the camera powered off and powers on by itself? Do you have any rules or schedules?

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Or if it’s just the night vision, how lit is the room? It may be right at the threshold of weither it needs the IRs on or not and keeps jumping back and forth.

Do you have the app open on a devise when you are hearing voices? The mic may be turned on in app.

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Thank you, I bet that’s why the night vision comes on. The voices on the other hand has be to some kind of radio interference. I wish there was some way to hear what they’re saying. It just kind of spooked me. I guess I’ve been watching to many movies! Thanks again.

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The night vision comes on when no one is i the room. It was suggested to me that it’s the IR setting or something. This is all very new to me.

I will try that. Great suggestion. So I’m assuming no one else is have this problem.

The IR filter will turn on and off based on the ambient light in the room. Sun going behind a cloud, a hall light turning on or off or just being right on the edge of the range for turning on or off during early morning or evening hours.

So that in itself is normal. As to the voices I would try putting a voice activated recorder by the camera and see if it picks anything up.

I had a radio that would occasionally pick up conversations on my home wireless telephone even when it was turned off. It’s called RF induction and results in a very tinny low volume sound.

Electronic voice phenomenon is generally a product of sound compression/demompression. The more compressed the audio data, the more prominent it is.

So far I haven’t had these issues but I truly believe you. :grinning:

Wyze issues affect people differently. My friend has some issues but I do not. It’s like we are buying from two different vendors.

Weird thing is I don’t hear them in the daytime. Only at night. AM radio waves maybe?

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It’s possible, my Dad swears during the 50’s his shaver would play a Berlin radio station in the morning. (Dad was a military air traffic controller during the Berlin Air Lift).

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I frequently get artifacts from the sound processing picking up fridge running, traffic noise etc Notice it on my Panasonic cams as well.


I once had an old tape recorder that when you pushed fast forward (FF), you could listen to a radio station if you held it to your ear. This tape recorder did not have an internal radio. Took me a while to figure out it was a certain local FM station.

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Just wondered if the problem went away. (sorry for the 9 mo resurrection)
“Clear channel” AM stations broadcast at 50 KW and can be heard long distances. esp at night when AM radio waves interact differently with the earth’s ionosphere and become “skywaves”. Tune across the AM band and try to sync the sound with the one from your camera.

It’s happening to me too, but only from one camera. Wyze Cam 2

Nothing scares me, but this is like some next level poltergeist stuff.

The scariest thing just happened this week. We’re on vacation and my phone goes off 3 days in that there is sound in my 6 year olds bedroom. I go watch the video and my heart sank. It literally sounded like something was in my home. Very faint moan. Almost like the person was struggling to communicate something. It freaked me out. Everyone who hears it starts panicking. I’m so conflicted.

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Hi @mdrios and welcome to the community forum! :slightly_smiling_face:
If you haven’t already powered down the camera, please submit a log file from your Wyze Android App.
If you have a recording of the audio that would be helpful as well. Wyze will look into it.

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