Anyone hear people talking the their cams

Am I the only one who is hearing people talk threw my cameras by chance


If this happened to me, I would be recording video of it with my cellfon. Have you done that?

Perhaps, it is just yur cat gaslighting you.

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People just tend to comment about someone randomly throwing cameras around.

(Seriously, there have been similar reports here and Wyze has been willing to investigate. It has never turned up true so far as I have seen.)

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It’s definitely strange. There have been reports of that from time to time here over the years. Honestly, with the millions of cameras out there and only the occasional report here or even on Reddit or the Facebook groups, I think it must be pretty rare. Don’t get me wrong though, any is too many. I have 6 cameras currently and have been using them for years and haven’t heard anything myself.

Are you using an ID and password from a compromised site like Yahoo? Or any other site? If so, stop it.

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For this thread to be a credible claim, I would’ve anticipated some sort of a follow-up from the OP. At this point, I presume we all just #gotghosted #hehe


For what it is worth, I have talked to people through my Wyze cameras and have heard their responses. It does catch them by surprise when they hear my voice.
and some of them, when they come over will say things like “Victor are you there?”.
Of course most of the time, I am not there unless he is supposed to arrive at a given time and I am waiting for him.

They know you’re always listening.


Do you hear these people talking when the cameras are unplugged? Are the telling you to do bad things?

No they are just having conversations i do believe in spirits though and i do have evil ones that have followed me since i was little but no when i unplug the cams the voices go away


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Disregard the previous responses; yes, numerous other people are witnessing this.

It appears that nobody is willing to investigate this seriously, and many are fond if dismissing it without a basis to do so.

It isn’t even a stretch that this could happen when you consider that other ‘security’ companies have demonstrated an interest in violating their customers’ security, and the infrastructure to do so is plainly advertised in their feature set.

It has been two weeks since your inquiry. Have you received any valid details or indication of a legitimate investigation about this by Wyze?

It’s quite odd that so many people, with no technical justification, rush to dismiss these claims - more eager to defend Wyze than they are to defend themselves.

When Wyze fails to provide any relevant communication or insight, what value would the average troubleshooter find in a forum with no technical assistance and a bunch of dismissive brand-fans that really like logical fallacies.

No. It is exactly with both technical and practical justifications that some of us are asking for further evidence. The technogical explanations provided so far indicate it would be moderately difficult for their employees to randomly spy. More so, what would be the aim other than visceral harassment? I’d expect we would hear of some sort of blackmail attempts by now, not just jerks verbally assaulting innocent children.

So far it seems the company has taken each claim more seriously than I would have expected, and so far there have been no real conclusions. I did appreciate the poster who responded to you and said that Wyze identified his or her phone’s IP address as the supposed source…

I presume that these “security issue!” posts are from either disgruntled customers, OR, from some form of a competitor who is trying to change market share.

Possibly, the root cause of this thread is cuz of evil spirits #headscratcher

With almost every user of Wyze cameras having a Smartphone obviously, Why has not one of these people claiming to hear voice through their Wyze Cams not taken a video with their phone of the camera in question with audio in the video too?

It’s not like it is hard to access their camera and switch to video and record, yet there are ZERO recorded incidents of these accusations of strange voices.

I myself ONLY have cameras outside, and the only inside cameras are in animal areas in the barn.
I would never have a camera in my personal space indoors just for security reasons.

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How many people experiencing this are using user IDs and passwords used on other compromised sites, like Yahoo?

Unique IDs, baby. Per site.

I actually hear other people as well.I do all the time and thought it was my kids tvs.until my son went away for a week and had his off and my daughters was taken out of her room.So its true bc i hear them through my cameras every single day.if i can post a video i not sure how to but ill figure it out.

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