Peculiar voices in live view and playback

I typically have my Wyze v2 sitting outside but the last couple days I have been getting interference from somewhere and I have been hearing low pitched voices speaking. These voices are not coming from the area. They seem to be coming from the camera itself. My cam is not hacked. I have 2FA enabled. I changed my account password as well as my router password. Still getting them

I bought this cam in May and was not getting this interference in May. I began experiencing this interference on June 30th

Today I decided to bring the camera inside and see if that stopped the voices. It did not. I placed my cam into my closet and left my home for a few hours. I live alone. The area I live in is pretty quiet

Below is a link to voices I hear in a playback clip. I also heard these voices in the live view

Increase your volume and use headphones

I know what I hear. But please tell me what you hear

Where are these voices coming from? Radio? Phone? Other cameras?

I have several clips saved where I hear these voices. I have also heard what seems to be phone conversations between two people at once during live view

My camera shouldn’t be doing that, right?

Here is another thread on the topic. You might want to submit a log to Wyze.

Wyze utilizes the Worlds Crappiest Compression Algorithms, Wyze’s Trademark “You Get What You Pay For”

@elektro will you take a minute to send an email to just to put this on their radar and have them run some checks just to absolutely make sure there isn’t anything else suspicious going on with this? While I agree with you that I don’t think anyone has “hacked” your cameras, they may be able to see things on the backend that we can’t see and help you figure out something.

To me, it kind of sounds like what I used to hear on an old-school OTA UHF TV where you could get crossed radio signals to come in or something. I am not saying that’s what is happening here, just that it kind of reminds me of something similar from decades ago.

Either way, it would be good to get Wyze’s attention on it for you.

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@elektro did you ever get any resolution on this? Happening to me as well. Would love to compare notes even though your post was a while ago.

I reached out to Wyze, haven’t heard a word back. Two nights ago I captured another unknown voice. This time its louder and its obvious the camera was hacked into. Thing is again, I have a strong password for the camera, strong password for the network, 2FA turned on. Here is a video the voice

Its a male with an English accent and he is commenting on what I am doing. I am sitting to the right with a flashlight. I was tying my shoes and and playing with a stray cat that hangs out in my yard. Notice there is an electronic whistile prior to the man speaking, like he was tapping into the camera or the camera feed

The transcript of what the man says

“you know just where to sit, that’s right” “nope, i’m never pleased” “still there?”

That camera is placed 10 feet from my poisiton. I did not hear this man speaking. I didn’t hear it till I went through playback. There was nobody else present at the time. It was just myself and a cat

There is a serious security issue going on with these cameras and Wyze is being silent on it. I’m not the only one who has had issues like this. Many others have

My suggestions: Reset your password to something else completely different. Even if you’re totally confident nobody has your password, changing the password will force log out everyone from your account.

Now go to the account tab, select Sharing and unshare everything with all other accounts if anything is shared at all. It could be that it is being accessed through someone else’s account that you shared the camera with. Unshare it for now until this resolved. And don’t share access to your account with anyone for a while, not your spouse, not anyone. This way you’ll know there are no other variables that could be a weak point related to this.

Other things are less likely, but you might consider changing things with your network/router too. Maybe a neighbor or someone nearby penetrated your local router somehow. It’s possible that is the problem. If this were happening to me, I’d be considering steps related to this too.

When you said you reached out to Wyze, do you mean that you emailed them at from your Wyze account email address, or something else? I emailed them before and they responded in a reasonable time, so I am surprised you haven’t heard back unless you just did so today or something. Maybe check your spam folder or verify there wasn’t a mistype?

I highly doubt this is a hacking/tapping event.

A threat actor would be accessing your digital feed and it would be very unlikely that one would “inject” sound appearing to come from a can. Also, at his point, one could do a lot more with your system.

It appears much more likely that the camera did pickup this “conversation” even though you think there was no one around - which you can’t prove.

If your networking environment is behind a router/firewall with proper security (strong password, reasonably recent device) there is no real reason to believe you were hacked - especially with the evidence shown above.

As for the “Many others have” comment, one must be reminded that “many others” think they hear voices where, in fact, it’s only compression artifacts - they are tricked by their brain trying to comprehend something out of the artifacts noise.

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@elektro I hear them pretty much anytime I listen, and have had friends confirm they can hear it too. Feel free to email me at 884herm at gmail dot com - I’m happy to share more.

I don’t think it is a hacking or tapping event - much more likely RF interference or cross-talk. It’s pretty unnerving, though.

Also, in terms of network security: yes I am behind a router/firewall but the device is accessible from the app even when on other networks including mobile. I haven’t bothered to perform a technical analysis of the network communication layers, but I suspect it is opening up a reverse SSH tunnel similar to ngrok.

I believe its a tapping event. I have a video sitting on my comp taken tonight where one of the neighbors say “he’s recording us” I wasn’t recording them, I had my camera out. The camera is in a makeshift birdhouse in an enclosed walled area. There’s no way you would know a camera was there unless you stepped into the enclosed area and viewed the camera

These people are using some kind of app or device that scans for wireless cameras and taps into their feed. Something like that exists, I’m sure

I’ve had too many issues with my cameras being tapped into. I’m officially done with Wyze

Wyze wasn’t a Wyze purchase

Confused :thinking:
If you have a video, you have recorded it…
So there statement would be true when they said “He’s recording us”

There are apps and devices that detect cameras and WiFi signals, etc…
Detection is easy
Hacking (Tapping) is not so easy and it is highly unlikely that it is happening to you.

OK this is really crazy because I’ve probably had my cameras for a couple years now and I swear I always hear somebody on them and as soon as I get on them I hear someone saying in this low hushed voice like “he’s watching he’s watching.”And then I hear like shuffling around as if it’s within the walls of the camera. and I mean full conversations. Sometimes I hear several voices, but they sound familiar, but I don’t know if that’s you know my brain trying to make sense of it and just trying to put a sense of familiarly in there or something I don’t know I’m not a neuroscientist or anything. Thank God I’m so glad that I’m not crazy. that this is a good…well it’s good other people are hearing this I am and thank you Jesus because I have been questioning my sanity.