Hearing someone else's audio on my WyzeCam V3 Pan- ?related to BT headset pickup?

So I’ve reviewed the recording next day AND IT DID NOT HAVE THE STRANGE VOICES on it, which I couldn’t figure out, until I disconnected my BT headset. Apparently the BT was picking up audio from somewhere and inserting it into the headset Wyze audio stream while listening to my wyzecam feed.
I don’t know if that’s even possible but all I know is today my recording is minus the extraneous conversation I was hearing last night.

There is a serious problem here and I have no idea how any of this can be considered “secure”. For the past 3 minutes I’ve been listening to what sounds like a family(mom,dad with at least 1 small child) conversing back and forth. The voices are mostly unintelligible but I can make out every 3rd-4th word. This is occurring on my live feed from my V3 pan mounted on the porch, and I’m recording it, so when someone attempts to tell me it didn’t happen. I went outside and stood by the camera, it’s totally silent outside, no one around and not a sound, but somehow the camera is recording this. I even stopped the live feed and reloaded it, same voices being recorded.
I seem to recall another user with this issue and yeah, it’s not concerning until it happens to YOU !


I would still notify Security@Wyze.com

They can check things out and if there is an issue get it fixed.


I’ve had my v3 pro on my porch pick up voices from my neighbors garage across the street and from my TV that’s at the other end of the house, where I have had the sound recording be quite sensitive from a distance.

Not saying that this is what you are experiencing, but could be some interference as well.

Best if concerned to send your information and recordings to security@wyze.com

Also would suggest changing your password and turning on 2 factor authentication if you have not done so already.


The audio is coming thru your app live feed and not from the cam speaker. If the cam security were compromised and someone had unauthorized access to the cam, this would manifest as a phone to cam audio steam of someone talking on the cam speaker, not to your app.

This only leaves three possibilities that I can imagine (and I have a pretty messed up imagination).

  1. Highly sensitive mic picking up conversation nearby. Unlikely in my opinion if you can’t hear it.
  2. Some cosmic error in routing of the audio stream thru the server. You are receiving the live stream audio from someone else’s Wyze Cam. I really don’t know if this is even a technical possibility… Just spit balling here.
  3. The cam is is somehow picking up the audio signal of a WiFi stream from some other 2.4GHz cam or smart device nearby thru the antaenna and merging it into your audio stream - intereference. Probably the most likely in my opinion.

When it happens again, do not break the stream.

  1. Go to the cam and talk to it. Do you hear your voice as well as the other voices thru the phone app?
  2. Enable the 2 way audio and talk into the phone app. Do you hear your voice on the cam?
  3. When you talk into the phone w\ the two way audio enabled, do you get any indication that those on the other end can hear you?

While I don’t know how wyzes systems work exactly, I think they use AWS premade products for streaming, which would mean AWS security is also in place. Audio and video would be encrypted in transit, so if interference somehow did happen it would be data interference not raw audio, causing errors on the cam and app. It would be impossible to play someone else’s audio, as it’s encrypted.

But again, I don’t know exactly how Wyze does it.

I would say this is most likely a sensitive mic situation

I am sorry you have experienced this. As a precaution I would recommend changing your password and using 2FA like others have suggested. I would also send any info you have about the time it happened and email it to security@wyze.com so we can look into this and try to see if we can figure out what happened.


This happens to me often as well on live stream

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This happened to me too. Except I know the voices and it also uncovered them trying to frame me. I know they had cameras in my condo watching me. I record the lives then put them in my pro tools and use an app to clean up the audio. The hard part is no one believes me and I don’t know what to do. They have illegally done all this. And I don’t know where to go or who to turn to. I just know it’s them and everyone involved is freaking out once I started figuring it out. I’m running out of time. No one will sit with me long enough to listen to the recordings but I even got them breaking into my place while I was sleeping. Can someone please help me before it’s too late. The guy doing this to me has money and I have nothing so no one is going to believe me. I don’t have the resources to fight him. This is 100% the truth and now I know that it’s def real and the interference makes perfect sense because he had cameras watching me. They even tapped my WiFi I found out and have pictures of it too. Someone please help me.

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You should probably open a New Post with your issues to be noticed, rather than jumping on someone else’s post.

You need to email security@wyze.com

Also, change your password. Make sure 2 Factor Authentication is turned on.


Been hearing unrecognizable voices through some of my cams when watching live too. For a while I thought I was going crazy. I’ve read countless other posts on here and on redddit of users experiencing similar issues. Somehow, the conversation always ends up at people hearing voices in white noise. Some auditory hallucination.

For comparison… I use nest cam’s, mostly at my studio, and I’ve never heard what I sometimes hear on my wyze cams.

May I should lay off the app for a while.

Follow the same advice as above, especially emailing security@wyze.com

Hello everyone I’m new to this and I know this is an older topic but I’m having the same issues but even worse. The voices I’m hearing are the ones I live with AKA wife and daughter but they are not inside the house while I’m hearing them. Case and point as of right now they are supposedly in NC totally different state like some 12 hours away but I can hear them through the camera still and what I’m hearing isn’t good and it’s about to ruin not only my life theirs as well. The noise is kind of static/white noise but with parts that are clear and precise. I went to my brothers and sister in laws because I trust them and had them listen to the audio. They couldn’t believe what they were hearing and are in shock as well. This has been going on for a long time but when I brought it up to other ppl they thought I was crazy and even had me thinking I was too. I stopped listening to the cameras and even watching them for a long time until now. It’s starting right back up but this time things I’m hearing them say are adding up to me being right after all with others finally hearing what I am as well. MURDER FOR HIRE!!! Yes I said it and hear my wife talking to other ppl especially another man about killing me. I’ve spoken to law enforcement but they said hire a private investigator. I’m looking for something to clear up the static or white noise a little to get better audio quality. As I said parts of it you can hear very clear but a lot is static but can kinda hear. PLEASE ANY SUGGESTIONS ON A APP OR DEVICE TO CLEAR IT UP WOULD BE SOOOOO HELPFUL. Thank you!

I get the same thing with my Konnek Stein cameras live stream, but mines tv playing really quietly. It’s just interference. Not sure if you have this option, but I stopped using wifi and plugged it into ethernet and it stopped immediately.