Unrecognized voices and overwhelming background noise

Continuing the discussion from Static Noise on Cam V3 on playback:

I have a problem with the sound of loud running water or “white noise” and the sound of unrecognized voices having conversations in the background. This is disturbing and frustrating. I can pause the player and thew sound does not stop. After conducting experiments with the range of the camera microphone, I found that it isa not sensitive enough the pickup recognizable articulated words spoken in a normal voice from another room indoors, or from further than 20-25 feet outdoors. I live in an unpopulated area and there is not much ambient “noise” or sounds happening that I cannot rule out. Another issue that I experience during playback is the volume going from almost silent, with my controls set to max, then slowly increasing to the point that all you can hear is the “noise”. When I know what was happening around the camera at the time of the recording because I was there, and none of the authentic sounds come through. This is frustrating and annoying. My next step is to create a support ticket and find out what the Wyze engineers have to say about the issue. If have been hacked, I want to know so I can take the correct measures.
Thank you for posting. I understand that my issue is not exactly the same, but similar enough that I wanted to reply and support you in your request for a solution.
From other posts I gathered that you should change your password and update any software/firmware that you can. Send a support ticket to Wyze and find out if they have a fix.
Good Luck!

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I am trying to find results as I to am now hearing voices when I shouldn’t. My house is silent and the baby is sleeping. I opened to view the camera and hit speak and when I hit speak I had voices and static which were noting from my house. I have space between me and my neighbors. None of the other cameras do it. Just another in a long list of glitches. I have outdoor v1