Constant background noise (live stream and on playback)

I’m not sure if it’s an issue with the Wyze V3 audio compression or what, but I have 12 cameras installed indoors throughout the house, and each one has the exact same problem with a CONSTANT background noise (like a digital “hissing” with multiple frequencies). It’s an issue I’ve seen mentioned in various threads on this community chat site. I have a sample recording of it, but cannot see how to attach the audio file here.
I’ve done a factory reset, I’ve done power cycling, I’ve done all sorts of tests including putting a camera in a soundproof box, and the noise still happens. So the issue is GENERATED by the cameras. This noise is not from anything in the house.
Anybody have any similar issues and if so, any idea how to resolve? I’ve asked Wyze support, but they just said to keep an eye out for firmware updates with no definitive dates.
Thanks in advance.

I have one of my four V3 cameras that makes rhythmic thumping digital sounds and background noise. I don’t think it is a firmware issue since all the cams have the same firmware. I just turned off record sound on that camera because it is annoying and distracting. My other three V3 cams and my one V3 Pro do not make any of the strange noises.

Unfortunately, I need the sound. And if nothing else, the price of the product and subscription is meant to include sound, so it’s not fair to just disable features for which you pay.