Audio Issue - Not sure if it's the firmware or the V3 Pros, but I continue to get ones with noticeable intermittent audio feedback sounds

I ordered a V3 Pro when they first came out. It works well and has no audio issues. I am now on my 3rd V3 Pro from their newer batch (the inventory when they restocked after the initial sell out last month). All 3 have a noticeable audio sound every 1-2 seconds, sounds sort of like a high pitched echo/feedback for a split second, but happens regularly every 1 second or so when viewing the live view in the app. No noticeable noises from the physical camera. And this is not the stuck IR filter noise that many have had in the past. Wondering if their new inventory is just a bad batch?

Some users have had issues with audio if the power supply is bad, but since it only happens about every second, it seems a little slow for that. Make sure your using the power cable and adapter included, and make sure the cord isn’t running right next to any other wires. You can also try another outlet.

Since all 3 of your cams are doing it, it’s probably not the above issue, but worth a try.

I am using Wyze power supplies. the noise is on all my cams whether they are next to the router or further away. I live in a 1970s house. Do the cams (V3s, Pan V2s, Pan V2 Pro, V3 Pros) have audio noise filtering in the firmware? It sometimes sounds like chipmunks… My 4 Nestcams in the same area are fine.

I see that Wyze has noise cancellation on their ear buds. It would help to get this into the firmware upgrade on the cams.

so most people using Wyze cams have no or little eroneous noise / chatter on live their feeds and recordings?

I have Nestcams nearby Wyze cams (20-30 ft apart) and no background weird noise from Nestcams.

Do Wyzecams have built in noise filters?

do any of the Wyze cams have audio noise filtering capability in firmware? many of my cams have eroneous background noise (not wind noise)