Wyze Cam V3 Sound Quality/Static

I ordered my first Wyze Cam (V3) a couple months ago with hopes I could use it as a baby monitor and later as an outdoor security camera. I need clear visuals and sound for this. Image quality is great but the sound is garbled and basically unusable. I see from other posts that I’m not the only one experiencing this. I emailed support after trying the usual troubleshooting steps (power cycle, reset, update firmware, move closer to router, etc …) and they sent me a replacement. Exact same problem. Static sound on livestream and playback. Garbled audio recording. There is a soft buzzing/static sound coming from the back of the actual camera when I put my ear close.

I can’t imagine this could possibly be the level of quality intended for this product, even at this price point? Surely this is a bad component, or ESD failure, or something, right? As is, audio recording should not even be considered a feature of these cameras. Is this what the audio is like for everyone else? I really want to use/like the cameras. Should I try a different brand, opt for a V2, or attempt another replacement?


Can someone tell me if the V2 has functional audio?

Same issue with the 3 that I have

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I have the same issue, I need a refund!!!

I have the same problem. Is there a fix or is the only option a refund/return. I really love the video quality but the sound is almost non existent.

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On my v3, Live view sound is horrible/non-existant, but playback sound is "normal’.
The problem with buying Chinese made products is that once an Asian has your money, you’re on your own. Seems to be part of their culture.
Support is practically non-existant.

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V2 has much better audio than V3

I too require sound to care for an elderly parent. The sound, live or playback, is not able to be understood, and there is constant static as well. It doesn’t matter if its in a busy kitchen with appliances, etc, or in a quiet bedroom. Nothing but static and unrecognizable spotty chirpie recordings.

I have scrolled through the very many reports. It seems this is an ongoing problem and doesn’t seem like any headway has been made over a long period of time. I just bought 4 new v3 indoor outdoor. I need 7 more cameras, but I’m afraid to buy them if I can’t here and will be sorry I have these if I don’t have sound, and especially if I need to purchase the rest in a different brand/system.

It seems the manufacturer needs to address this for Wyze and Wyze needs to make that happen. Please update on the progress. I’m obviously not the only one. Thanks.


The audio is absolutely horrific, useless, maddening… I had a tense conversation with my neighbor, and the Outdoor cam failed completely, and the V3 did succeed in getting really clear video, but the audio is inaudible. The mic is absolutely terrible, and we should get refunds. v3 is non-functional when it comes to audio. Shameful quality.


Yes, definitely needs improvement on v4.

I agree, 100%. The audio is terrible.
Is there any way to improve the sound quality on either a v2 or v3? Is there a way to connect an external mic, whether via wifi, bluetooth or direct connection?

Absolutely agree … Just bought 3 version 3’s and have 2 version 2’s. May upgrade in 6 months to a real camera.

I’m definitely not impressed by the audio quality in the V3. The picture is great but don’t plan on hearing anything.


both V2 and V3 have terrible microphone quality. I hope V4 improves the microphone quality so that you can have a two way conversation or hear audio clearly during recordings.

So far the camera I have (and I have Eufy, Canary, Owl Cam, iVideon, Wyze. The Canary has by far the best microphone quality.

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I have been sending in videos by the boatload for a long time. I applied as beta tester long time ago. I have never been accepted although i am quite qualified and home bound so i have tons of time.
I would have caught this and vehemently addressed this issue.
Perhaps, its time to refresh your pool.
Anyways, the audio is even worse than v2, I find it unacceptable and will return mine unless we get some reply here that your addressing this with an update if even possible .
I have a pan cam which broke, 4 cams, watch 42 and wyze band.

Just fix the audio problem, I don’t know why they have all these beta testing while the most basic function is not not being fix!!! So mad about Wyze cam…

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I agree…

Audio on my v2 was fine but video quality in low light sucked. So they fixed low light in v3 and screwed up the audio for a lot of us. Have never read a solution to this issue. Sad…

Wow we bought ours for the camera care less about the audio

Same here the audio was far less important than the video to me.

All my cameras are outside (16 V3’s) and the few V2’s I didn’t sell ended up in the barn.

Still have 7 of those V2’s some with weather resistant housings that I may eventually sell off, and one V1 Pan-Cam in barn that I will probably keep.

I do not have any cameras indoors in personal living/working areas, due to my personal privacy practices.

No one is getting past the outside cameras to get in my home, shop, or outbuildings.

And even if they do I have a professional alarm system (Honeywell/Ademco) that I installed covering everything (doors, windows, glass breakage, motion detection, Fire/Smoke, Carbon Monoxide, Temperature extremes, Water flooding, etc…) 92 zones/sensors total.