Sound Issues

I have basic wyze cam and i went to vacation for two weeks. While i am away i realized that the the sound quality dropped significantly. I could not hear anything clear in my house as everything was fine couple days back. Now i am back and tried to restart the device but still having the same issue. I tried with live stream as well but still can’t hear it clearly. Anybody experienced same issue or knows how to fix it? Thanks.

Hello @alpgk3, is the camera sound muffled which is making it very low, or is the sound completely gone and noting is coming out from the unit?

Hi, sound is muffled and sounds like someone or something holding the microphone on the camera. I tried everything but still same.

So anyone knows what the issue?

Having the same. The sound quality is really a ZERO as far as I am concerned. Just not loud enough to make out anything. This and the fact that on a recorded video any poor sound that you might here is 10-15 seconds prior to the actual video.

they ended up replacing mine with a new one as it is still in warranty.

Thanks for that. So the replacement has
great sound then? Seems a bit of poor quality control, but any suggestions on
whom I should write to in order to get replacements?



You can contact on the app for under help/feedback and report an issue.

I had sound issues with mine and they replaced it! Great CS to be honest… more than I already knew (this is my first warranty case) :smiley: