No sound in camera

I bought 3 cameras and received them Tuesday. The sound on one of them didn’t work so I unplugged it and plugged it back in and that didn’t fix it so I reset it and set it back up and that still didn’t work. Is there anything else I can try? Also I need help with sound when I take out the sd card from a different camera and put it in the computer. I can’t hear anything. What am I doing wrong?


Let’s first narrow down which sound issue you’re having:

  1. When you toggle the mic icon in the app, nothing said into your phone comes out of the speaker on the camera


  1. When you toggle the speaker icon in the app, you hear nothing from the microphone on the camera to the speaker on your phone

I can hear when people talk through it. It’s when I watch live or recorded I can’t hear any sound.

Did you check the Sound icon just below the live stream (that’s where it is on my android anyway) to see if it has an X and try toggling that?

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In the Advanced settings, do you have Record Sound turned on?

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Yes, tried that and still nothing.

Also yes the record sound is on in advanced settings.

So, gathering from your response, the camera’s speaker works, but not its microphone. Correct? If so, that sounds like a hardware replacement case to me.

Keep in mind that this forum is primarily a user to user community. If you don’t get a helpful reply here, I suggest you file a support request including the log files for more help. You might want to go ahead and submit your ticket now as there is somewhat of a backlog. If you end up getting the issue resolved before support contacts you, then you can always let them know that it’s already resolved.


I am having the exact same issue; are you able to comment on your resolution? I have filed a support ticket two days ago and I haven’t heard anything yet.

As I bought my cam through Amazon, should I go back to them and return it before the return window closes or do I work directly with Wyze.

Please help!

Every day, I have to reset my device if I want to have the sound. In fact, once the Cam wyze has restarted, the sound of the camera works but the next day there is no audible sound … just noises. So I did a test, I turned off the night vision and in fact, it solved the problem. It’s when the camera changes night vision that the bug occurs. I sent my comments to Wyze to fix this firmware problem.


When you mean reset your device , can you explain what you are doing ?

i am having a similar issue with a new camera and i can not hear sound when i connect to the camera.

First open the Wyze application, open the problematic cam, click on camera setting (top right). Then click on “restart device” located at the bottom in the center … wait one to two minutes and restart the application. Important point before starting the process, you must put on your cam the night vision to ON or OFF but not on Auto. View the photo.

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I’m finding similar issue. 2 new cameras. Updated firmware. Verified sound is on in the app and sound recording in advanced settings. Increased sensitivity to Max. Can talk into app on multiple devices and speaker on both cameras operate just fine. Cannot hear ANYTHING but low hum from speakers on both cameras. Restarted cameras in the app with exact same outcome: Cannot hear anything on app on any device from mic on either camera

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I’m having the same issue I just bought two cameras plug them in and I can’t hear anything anybody is saying in the room. I can talk to them and they can hear me clearly but the only way I can hear them is if they get within 2 to 4 inches of the camera and talk fairly loud and I put my ear up to my speaker. Anybody have any ideas that can help me?

I have a couple more days then I’m sending back to Amazon

Same thing as the recent ones; bought the double camera pack, and cannot hear the sound from both cameras’ mics unless I put the phone to my ear, in which case I only hear very faintly. Tried everything listed in help threads (resetting the camera, turning off night vision, checking the record sound, etc.). Going by these responses, it might be a faulty batch or something; pretty weak on Wyze’s part.

I’m having the same issue about low quality sound in the camera. Since I have already sent three Report an Issue, I put this issue to a lower priority. To share with the Community the information I have prepared.

  1. Actually there have recorded a low noise/sound . I must increase a volume of my Samsung Tab S3 to maximum. It may be the originated of sound is far from the camera.
  2. I pull out the micro sd card and gather the folder structure, MP4 property with my PC.
  3. The file/folder structure is \Record\date-yyyymmdd\hour-hh\file.mp4
  4. I quite confused for the file property - Date-Modified. Wyzecam used GMT0 , not our local sync time. I stay in Bangkok , GMT+7. the folder structure said 20190729\13 which 01pm, but the date-modified said 06am.
  5. I view playback directly to each file , I received the low noise due to the camera recording system, I notice that from the MP4 property. The audio bit rate, audio sample rate is not enough.




  1. if you can hear your sound, next issue may be the Audio out of sync

Just setup my new cam 2 from Amazon today. I’m also having the same issues. Went through all the points above. All I get is very low noise on SD card, cloud or live. Is this a firmware issue?