Wyze Cam V2 , no sound from camera speaker

Hey guys, bought 4 of the new v2 wyzecams, tested 3 so far, 2 perfectly fine but one of them doesn’t output any sound from the speaker.

It did at first, then suddenly it glitched up and refused to power up properly, was getting stuck with solid yellow and never going blue and I wasn’t able to do a factory reset by holding the setup button for 20 seconds, it would reboot and stay solid yellow, and obviously couldn’t connect from the app.

So I downloaded a firware from https://www.wyzecam.com/forums/topic/flashing-your-wyzecam-v2-firmware/ and flashed it. It took the flash but now my speaker doesn’t output any sound. I actually thought the camera was dead because i couldn’t get it to say anything during setup like the “Ready to connect” thing. But I kinda figured it was doing it since yellow light was flashing so I showed it the QR code and noticed the light started flashing blue and then it connected.

Its now working fine otherwise, but still no sound from speaker when I hold the mic and send it something.



How about updating it again now back to the current firmware?

The wyze app says it’s already running the latest firmware.

Not sure what you mean by current firmware.

When you said you flashed the firmware, I assumed you did so with the previous version. That’s why I suggested updating back to current version.

If that’s already done and power cycling isn’t fixing it, then I think you’ll need to contact support for a possible replacement.

It actually updated to latest firmware today, .41? and the speaker is still dead, weird. Guess it actually broke somehow, no idea how. I’ll try to contact support, see if they have some other way.

Did you ever figure out the speaker problem? I got my camera yesterday and the same exact problem is happening with mine.

There were recently a bunch of reports of loss of sound when upgrading V2’s to the .76 firmware. However, it may be that the problem really started with a previous firmware update. All of the affected cameras had MAC addresses starting with A4:DA:22:21:… All but a very few of them were able to be fixed by flashing the current .76 firmware. See this for instructions on how to flash the firmware:


(Follow the instructions precisely.)

nope, after a recent update seems like i now get ambient sound from the camera, but the speaker still doesn’t work.

I didn’t bother contacting support since this wasn’t a feature i use anyhow but it’s annoying because the same speaker is used to configure the camera, and without it i found it was really annoying to set up the camera since I had to guess when it was ready.

Mine was broken from day 1, I was part of the initial shipment of v2 cameras. I ordered 4 of them, only 1 was broken.

My mac is A4:DA:22:29:…

For this issue, you will need to file a support ticket and request a replacement camera.

Can’t get sound through the speaker when using microphones on the app. I’m current on the firmware. I can’t get a reply to email. Waited on hold for support for 20 mins then it auto-hung up with message to call back. can’t get a reply on chat. Do they really have support?

@brentH Could you reply here with your support ticket number so we can try to pass it along directly to Wyze in case it fell through the cracks.

Hi Rick. I believe it’s 158875

Thanks for your assistance.

I’ve passed it along. You probably won’t hear anything until at least Monday.

Hi, @brentH!

I just checked on your ticket and it looks like you heard back on Saturday. I’ll put in a note to the support team to check on your ticket when they are able. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sending this link to me, @Loki!

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