Speaker not working

Speaker not working after firmware update ?

Thanks for the warning, looks like I will wait a while to update any of my V3’s

Is it the receive audio or the microphone, I tested my V3 and I have no issues

Receive audio

So when you press the microphone symbol in app on phone and it is on what you say into your phone does not come out of speaker on camera?

Yes no sound comes out

Ok, guess they added a new problem.

Other users couldn’t hear someone talking to the camera, where the user on their was unable to hear any sound other than static from the person at camera talking while listening on their smartphone speaker.

Looks like they swapped the problem now?

You may want to visit this post about the other sound issue - click the blue lettering link below

Yes they cant hear me i cant hear them

Just updated 1 of my V3’s to version (one that hasn’t found a permanent location yet) and it still behaves as it did prior.

The microphone and Speaker in camera still work as they did on previous firmware version, I can hear audio from camera microphone and hear audio from camera speaker.

I still will wait a bit before updating the other 15 V3 cameras but this one updated without any issues (so far)

Well we updated all of ours and no issues found