Speaker seems to be defective

I ordered six v2 cam’s and only one of them is having this problem.

When I press the setup button you can barely hear the audio. It sounds garbled, distorted, and muted. Since I’ve been through the setup procedure for the other 5 camera’s I followed the same setup process even though there was no audio announcement to guide you through the steps.

I was able to set up the camera. To test out the speaker I did an intercom test from my smartphone. As suspected, the audio is garbled, distorted, and muted. .

I emailed support twice over a week time frame. I called the 1844 support line twice today, once in the morning and afternoon.

No one appears to be picking up or taking calls and I get dropped.

Is there any recommendation on what to do? I suspect it’s a broken or defective unit (DOA). I’m hoping it’s not and there’s a way so I don’t have to deal with the MIA support.




hello anthony,

you may want to consider a factory reset, or temporarily firmware rollback, to see if it makes a difference. please see below 2 links for reference.