No audio

I have a V2 that is not passing audio. I have it enabled in the app (Android). I have reset many times.

I opened a ticket this morning (#41854) but have not received a response. Is there anything else I can try?

same here - did you ever get the fix?

They replaced the camera! Great service.

I opened a ticket, and they responded and took care of everything.

Same here…v2 faint sound only on cell. Android, samsung note8.
Sent email, depending on answer…will return to amazon
Gr. Mike

I have the same issue. Just received my camera today but will not pass audio. I’ve factory reset several times. I can talk through the app and it comes out the camera, but does not allow me to listen from the area I’m recording

The same even brand new…
Return to Amazon

I too am not getting any audio from the camera. I can talk through it, but cant hear a thing, or the audio is so low it’s unusable. Getting a replacement from Amazon.

I finally got my replacement through wyze. Mine was also an Amazon purchase. They send me the new camera and it has the exact same problem. I give up

I’m having the same problem on 2 cameras. Using iPad, iPhone and a galaxy 8. Submitted a ticket but haven’t heard back yet.

I installed it last night, it worked perfectly, could hear and speak. Today, its a another thing, I cannot hear anything, I reinstalled it and same thing. Has anyone gone through it?