V3 new user, audio, notification, sound concerns

Finally got my V3 cams today! Setup was super easy. However, I am noticing several things, and unsure after browsing forums if it is worth keeping or not! (And I was so excited…)


  1. Constant static, even in silent room. Others have noted this as well.
  2. I have not received even one notification, push nor email. I have triple checked my settings, and for what I can tell I should be getting something,(anything!)
  3. Live stream won’t show on my Google home hub. I know this is a known issue, just really frustrating as this is one big thing I was looking for.
  4. If I am viewing the live stream with sound on, and use the speaker to talk through the camera, and then hang up, it turns off the sound. Seems simple, but is an issue already when trying to talk with my daughter as I can’t hear her reply after I hang up.
  5. no volume control for sound? It’s set at one loudness level, but also seems varied with no control. My phone volume control does not adjust volume of camera audio playback.

These are my concerns from just one day of use.
I purchased these as a main baby monitor throughout my home, as well as security, and was ready to invest in several other wyze products. I had my husband dig out the boxes for the cameras tonight from the garbage as I am worried that maybe it is too good to be true, and I should return these and look elsewhere for a more reliable product? Should I hold out and be patient? The viewing quality and ease of set up were spot on, and I am really hoping for some easy and quick solutions, but the forum topics and concerns of others worries me. I feel like maybe Wyze is spreading themselves too thin with all of these products vs focusing on just their cameras and issues first? Help!