Unknown voice from Wyzecam Pan - Security issue

I heard an unknown voice from my Wyzecam the other night. Someone spoke to from it and asked me if “How can I help you and spoke my name?” I was not using the app and could not have accidently requested any support. This is scary. I wonder who was listening to me and watching me.

On the chance that your Wyze account has been compromised, I would suggest that you change your Wyze password and enable 2-factor authentication. Accounts (not just Wyze) can be compromised by a variety of means. If you re-use the same password for multiple services and/or don’t use 2-factor authentication, this can make it especially vulnerable.

In addition, I’d suggest that you contact Customer Support (206) 339-9646 Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT so that this can be further investigated. Wyze support does not monitor this forum and only they have the tools to look into what’s happening on your devices.


Loki let me know about this post. We are sorry to hear that this happened and definitely understand your concern. Another thing to check (in addition to the advice that Loki gave) is if you’ve shared the camera with anyone. If you have, I’d recommend having them change their password and add 2FA as well.

Have you sent in a log? You can do this through Account > Help & Feedback. We’d like to look into this but if you unplugged the camera (a totally reasonable and fair response) before sending that in then some of the information may be lost. If you reach out to support using the link Loki provided, I recommend including the log number. If you would like, you could give me your support ticket number and I can escalate it for you.

As a last note, Wyze support NEVER works through the audio of the camera so I’m very glad that you noticed this was weird.