Someone is looking through camera

Has anyone heard voices coming from thier Can Pan. Our camera had viices coming from it and it moved. Please help!

Hello @Dahik68 and welcome to the community

If you have not unplugged it yet please send a log to support through Account - Wyze Support - Submit a log. Account is found in the lower right of the app. Then please contact support at the number below.

WYZE Support

Live support is available:


Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT

Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT


There have been a number of reports of similar things happening. You should be able to find them by searching the forums.

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No, haven’t experienced it with 7 cameras.

Thank you. It was unplugged when it was following my wife around but i did send the log to support anyway.

Could you rephrase that? Because that is impossible.

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A mans voice was heard coming from the camera. And when then the camera followed her moving through the house. This is a pan cam and can follow motion when detected but i dont have that feature on nor was i logged onto the camera. I dont share the camera with any other devises so no one has access. My internet provider has blocked 31 attempts to access mycanera by known malicious ip addresses. im just looking for an answeras to how can i make it more secure

That is also impossible, unless you have specifically forwarded ports or your ISP is handing out public addresses to your home network devices, which is very unlikely for consumer ISPs. What are you talking about?

Everything i said is 100% fact. I dont have any reason to sit hear and make stuff up. Im looking for a solution. It is absolutely possible that a hacker can log onto a devise and use it the same as if it were theirs. People hack into laptop cameras,baby monitors,security cameras ext. all the time so its not impossible. Thanks for your input.

Yes it’s impossible that your ISP did what you described unless one of the two conditions I mentioned is true. And your earlier comment about an unplugged camera following someone still makes no sense to me.

As to a solution: It is very possible your Wyze account (or your phone) was compromised. You should immediately change your Wyze password and consider enabling two factor authentication. No reason to worry about it after that. There are no known vulnerabilities at present in the Wyze “ecosystem”. Contact support as Jason suggested if you wish, but it’s a lot more effective to change your password and forget about it. Good luck.

Edit: I just realized, you were probably saying that you unplugged it after it was following your wife. So never mind that part. :slight_smile:

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change password, enable 2FA.

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I will do just that, and yes that is what i was saying. Thanks for your help

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