Is there any way to see who has signed into my account? Someone accessed my camera and moved it around

I was feeding my baby her bottle before bed and the camera moved, until it saw me. I figured it was my wife checking in on baby and whatnot from work but she just got home and told me emphatically that it wasn’t her. She noticed it before too she said but I said sometimes, if it reboots, it will move to the left. Well this one was definitely looking around and not just “moving to home position”.

I used a unique password for my wyze account and only logged my wife’s phone in using my username and pass. Beyond spooked here. All my cameras are unplugged for now. Such a weird feeling of violation. My wife breastfeeds in the area of this camera. I really want to figure out if someone else has logged into my account or if somehow else they got in (through a backdoor or something). I can’t find anywhere on the app to show me devices that have been logged in. Is this really not a feature or am I missing it? Does Wyze have no ability to flag weird IP address getting in? Did the person that got in use the API keys from that leak? Ugh sucks I have so many questions and I feel like I won’t get answers here. Sorry I vented here a bit but I am a little shocked.

Support doesn’t open up till Monday and I’ll be calling them then. Just hoping I can get some info before then. Thanks for reading this (if you made it through all of this).


The forums mavens know the most so I’ll tag them and one will stop by. But they’ll probably point you to support. I think that’s yours option in this case. But I’m not a expert or speak for wyze.


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Ugh sounds awful. Hopefully the support will help. But meanwhile perhaps you can consider changing your password and enabling 2 factor authentication.


Thanks for the suggestions. Yes I’ve reset my password and will enable 2 factor before turning my cameras back on. I am just waiting for confirmation on how they got in first.


I don’t know of a way that we as individuals can track who logs into our accounts. Tech probably can track that so I will suggest you contact Support.
Other suggestions in the interim would be:
-make sure that the motion you are seeing is not due to some combination of settings. For no Motion be sure that Motion Tracking, Detection Zone and Pan Scan are all turned off.
-have you shared the cam with anyone. Even if not I would recommend just checking the Share feature under Settings to be sure.
-Be sure that you App and the cam firmware are up to date. General Info on Updating App & Firmware
-Power Cycle your cam to clear any glitches that might cause random movement.
-Certainly taking @WhyzeThat‘s advice about password and 2FA is a good idea.
-for non- Wyze related possibilities make sure your WiFi is locked down tight with good passwords. Changing your WiFi password is not a bad idea but just be aware that you will have to reinstall your cam to access with the new password. If you live in an area close to other people- tight neighborhood, apt etc. - you will have others who can see your WiFi and might be tempted to hack.
I’m out of suggestions for the moment but for more expertise here I’m going to tag in the next level up @moderators. Hopefully they can add something.
Keep us posted.


Hi, @runderekrun. I’m sorry to hear about your experience with the Pan. Everyone here has given pretty good advice. I would urge you to do as @tomp suggested, and submit a support request. Then please post the ticket number so we can Wyze’s attention on this as soon as possible.


What you describe does sound like motion tracking.
Don’t rely on the icon color. Mine look like it’s off (gray) even when tracking is on. I have to toggle the setting off/on to be sure it’s on.


Good tiP I hadn’t seen that on mine and hadn’t heard it before.

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There’s also the possibility that there was a power fluctuation and the camera was resetting. Calling on Monday is good but I can tell you now that they will need to transfer you to an escalated support ticket.

It will be helpful if you have the exact time that this occurred. We’ll be able to check if the account was accessed then.

Outside of this, the community already made all of the recommendations (2FA, changing password, etc.) that I would have.

The data leak did not have API tokens for accounts or cameras but we refreshed all of them to be on the safe side before we had been able to confirm the leak and scope.

We are sorry that this happened and definitely want to help you get to the bottom of this. Unfortunately, with the completely understandable and reasonable action of unplugging your Wyze Cam Pan after this occurred, sending in a log will not provide more information.

Thank you for letting us know that this happened. Please send our apologies to your wife for the unsettling experience as well.


I just had this issue happen to me. Last night I noticed the pan camera v2 in my living room had the little red light on for a lot longer than it usually does. Before going to bed, I positioned it the camera facing certain lines on my wall so that if I wake up the next day, and the the camera isn’t facing those exact lines, I know that someone moved the camera while I slept.

Well I woke up this morning, and noticed it was moved. I looked through my feed of videos and noticed at 813AM, the camera was in the position I had left it in last night, but at 814AM when the camera was triggered by my daughter walking by, the camera was now shifted to the right by enough for me to notice the significant change in position. I feel violated. Absolutely disappointed and violated. I changed the PW and did 2SA. I repositioned the camera to where it is lined up so that if it happens yet again, I will know someone is watching me and I will have to unplug the damn camera.

Are you sure Pan Scan is not turned on?
Also, if a Pan camera is restarted for any reason it may return to it’s default position.