Potential Account Hack - Wyze can't see activity

Today, our pan cam started moving as if someone was controlling it. This was not the usual random restarts it does (which are a little annoying but we have gotten used to them). We quickly unplugged the camera and changed password.

I talked to support on chat and asked them if they were able to see how many people are logged into a single account. It seems logical that the network team should have access to IP/Mac address flowing through their servers. However, support informed me they do not have this function.

So now we are in the dark knowing if someone is currently logged into one of our accounts. I’m sure changing the password doesn’t auto logout anyone else signed in. Why does Wyze not have the ability to see who is logged into a single account?

Without knowing the full context of your scenario, I suggest you double check the motion tracking setting.
I had a similar experience happen to me and freaked out until I realized the motion tracking feature was somehow turned on.

If that’s not it, do you share access to your camera with anyone else? We sometimes give temporary access to our babysitters.

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I didn’t think about the motion tracking. I did check and it is off. The only people who have access to our system is myself and my wife. Neither of us were controlling it at the time.

Great ideas though. Thanks.

I’m not sure about just changing the password, but I would do that as a start, if you haven’t already. An additional action you could take is to add Two Factor Authentication to your account which should disconnect anyone who might be using it. I can’t say with any certainty one way or the other that your account has been compromised, but there are steps you can take to secure it.

We just had a pro system installed for this exact reason. stronger security.

Frontline support won’t have access to see things like MAC address logs, etc. Front line support staff don’t really do anything but follow a script and answer basic questions, then sometimes escalate serious issues on to someone with higher technical access or understanding. There definitely are people who can look into things that are really serious concerns though. You would have them file a support ticket to the right department which would then investigate the matter, and likely contact you by email. At least that’s usually how higher-level escalations have worked for me in a few cases.

They would certainly want you to submit logs when this happens so they can see exactly what’s going on.

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This is actually what I had expected the support person on the chat to do but all she would tell me is that they didn’t have that capability. And she referred me to the forum to recommend it. Why would I recommend something they should already be able to do?

This is by far not an issue with their security. Their encryption system is quite robust. The issue here is that I am being told by the chat support that their network team doesn’t have access to information I’m nearly 100% sure they do. And if they don’t have access to this information then why?

It’s your Pan-cam loosing connection to your router . It makes it spin like it restarts. All you need to do is hard reset connection .


And don’t forget to clear your cache files and rules history sometimes it lags up

If it’s losing connection that is a fault in the camera hardware. I have a pretty decent Wi-Fi network to say the least. However, I will try clearing out the cache and rules history. Thank you!

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Next time it happens you can check your devices connection if you click on the live feed of your camera and hit the settings button in the top right corner, then check device info . Hopefully this helps ! If it doesn’t have full dark gray bars it’s having connection issues and it will restart by itself .