Question about password

I have two Wyze pan cam at home.
My wife believes that someone is watching them.

I have 2 iPhones and 2 iPads.
When I change the password on one of the device I can still access Wyze from the other devices.

When I change the password shouldn’t the other devices prompt me for the new password?
Doesn’t this mean that the hacker can still have access to my camera?

Are you using the same iCloud account on all devices?

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Good question.
I don’t use iCloud.

Is that a normal behaviour when you change the password all other devices are synced automatically with the new password?

I couldn’t confirm if it was logged in with the new or old password, but it didn’t prompt me for my password.
I was able to view both cameras.

To have apple products even function properly and to download apps, you must have an apple ID. If those apple ID’s are the same, it will sync the password with all of the devices. To find out, go to settings and click accounts and let me know if all of them are the same apple ID.

My iPhone and iPad has the same Apple ID.
My wife’s iPhone and iPad has her Apple ID.

This has nothing to do with AppleID. Syncing of passwords would only occur if you were using iCloud Keychain, which you indicated you are not.

The app on your other devices happens to still be logged in. It won’t request a the new password until it’s logged out or the current session times out (which will eventually happen). If you force quit the app on the other phone, it should then require the new password.

That said, Wyze really should provide a tool/option to force logout of all registered devices. Or automatically do that when the password is changed.

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Hi Loki,

Would that mean that the hacker would still have access to your camera until the session times out by itself?

Hi @mr.dave. Can you please help us understand why you think someone is accessing your cameras?

Yes it would. That’s why there really needs to be a force-logout all devices option.

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The camera didn’t rotate at that time it was making a mechanical sound and that it what scared her.

Might have it been the lens moving up/down rather than the camera rotating? Hard to imagine a mechanical sound coming from the speaker.

It could be a false alert.
But the time out for the session worries me a bit.
I haven’t had to logon on all four devices for many days now.