Safety Features

2 questions:

  1. My husband is the main user on our Wyze cams. He just changed the password to see if it would kick me off. It did not. What is the point of having a password if it doesn’t kick others off who may have hacked it?

  2. Why is there not some sort of section or list that shows who currently has access to the camera? Maybe I just don’t understand the technology, but it seems like nowadays it would be easy to show you who else/what other accounts are using your camera.

Obviously both of these questions are just in case someone hacked it. How would I even know? It seems like there is no way.

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  1. It will. With most systems, once you are logged in, you are in - for a certain amount of time. Changing the password generally does not kick another user logged in with the same credentials off until that time expires. Depending on the system that can vary from a few minutes (most banking applications for example) to darn near forever. As I recall a previous discussion here, a Wyze log in will work for a week. Note that the credentials verification may not be obvious to the end user (may happen completely in the background).

  2. Confirm that you are looking for something like a listing of IPs and/or devices that are logged into the account?

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