Log and notification of device logins

It would be cool if the site (in the app would work too) had somewhere in the account details section showing all the devices that were logged in or a history of sessions successful or not. The ability to kill those sessions would be a huge bonus.

Recently had my password changed which was not my doing so i would love to not only see what new devices were used to authenticate but also a history of devices that were used to access my account. Even if its just the IP and device type or user-agent used in making the authentication request.

With regard to the forum, you can check your logged in devices under your forum account profile accessed by clicking your avatar, top right, then the gear icon.

This #wishlist request applies to the Wyze app.

I was referring to app login sessions.


It would be great if Wyze logged users and their usage, this would create better security and ensure that cameras are not being misused. This should be a pretty standard security feature.


Feature request, some way to see who is logged into your account. As is if someone somehow got a hold your log in info you would never no.


We need this like NOW. It’s a security concern.

Something like Netflix or Facebook feature to see all logins with the date, city and device.


Just voted for this. This is a pretty big issue and should be addressed quickly!


I don’t know if I’d call it an “issue,” per se, but it would definitely be a nice security enhancement. :slight_smile: I added my vote.

I agree so much this. Is something that might see me switching to a different platform and one that I imagine wouldn’t be to difficult to implement

with all the compromises in the news i would like a notification feature that would notify the main account when a live stream is accessed. even if its from my account. 2fa is nice but it won’t protect me if someone im sharing the camera with gets compromised.


I noticed one of my cameras turn on by itself yesterday. I wish I could see a log showing why it was activated.


Hi, @sc0tte. Welcome to the community! This doesn’t happen very often but I have experienced this as well. If there is an interruption in power like a small intermittent or brownout this will cause the camera to power cycle and turn on. This is the main cause for the camera to turn on by itself. You can just turn the camera back off through the app. If the camera continues turn back on again, you will need to look into other possible causes like someone you may have shared the camera/account with. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: Here is another possibility posted here:


That’s good advice! That’s awesome thank you @StopICU33 I still think a log of some kind which would show the automatic reset would be good. Rather then me assuming ghosts!


Yes, that would be a nice feature added. It could happen in the future, and if this topic moves to “researching” then we will know it’s on Wyze’s radar.

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i voted for this thread. I think this is a good security enhancment for people like me who cannot enable 2FA because my wife and I use the same account(tried using different account and had issues accessing memory card videos). So this was it will help keep track of who all are connected to acccount. we do share our account login at times with my mother and mother-in-law who baby sit our son.

I have noticed the restarts on my pan and cam v2 and read through the other thread. But at that time i wished more if we had this feautre would have given peace of mind that no one else has access to camera.


I would like to see Wyze implement email notifications that notify the user of a login attempt from an unrecognized device. Any new login attempt from a new device will trigger this notification (regardless of 2fa or not), The notification will also give the user specific details, to help them identify the attempt, such as date, time, and device information (ie: iOS app) from the login attempt. The notification would also allow the user an option to change their password and enable two-factor authentication if they believe the login attempt was fraudulent.


Considering the recent security concerns, I hope this item moves to the To-Do list they’ve made with regards to security upgrades in the near future.


Hello! The fact that your top priority right now and for the upcoming months is about security because of the recent happening that involves us (user’s data) ,I wish there’s a feature in the app that shows who is currently viewing the camera base on the list of emails the specific camera was shared. - May be a dashboard of RECENT AND ACTIVE SESSIONS showing the email address, device, date and time started and ended, (if its recent logins) Time started (if its an active session) and Date and time of last activity. the feature can only be access by the owner/sharer of the wyze cam. In this way, we are empowered to check and see if there’s another person other than the person we shared and allowed to view the camera. I’m sure, this ability/feature will strenghten the security of our (wyzecam owners) privacy.


Hi there

could this app have an add on feature to record down all the login events
for example, I have the app installed in couple of iOs/Android devices and they shared the same account.

if it could track down those devices login activities such as:
IP address
device type
login time and date

these info would help to increase the level of security so that the owner would know if there is any suspicious activities or signed in from unknown device from any suspicious IP



In light of the security breach, i feel wyze really needs to get proper logging to be available either via the app or website .

show userids connected to cameras, and the action they took
eg changing a setting (would help front line staff as well to work out mysterious reasons cameras are turned off or motion tagging disables for no reason)

ip address user connected from or at least suspected origin location .

option to revoke the users token if suspect activity
Moderator Note: See this #wishlist topic: Ability to force log out of all devices - #2 by Loki

proper multi level access/ role base access control instead of the current 1 super user and shared model. Giving Acces to share a camera that lets them turn it off/on isn’t great. Sharing the main account so people can view the SD footage and have full control also isn’t great.
Moderator Note: See this #wishlist topic: Multiple Users' Permissions for Shared Users

email notifications as well as app notifications

notification if camera has gone offline or has been switched off, or better yet allow notification for different events/tasks that are user controllable, happy for my inbox to get spammed and check it later
Moderator Note: See this #wishlist topic: Loss of Communication/Network Connection Notification & Log

Yes this will create additional work, but moving into more smart locks and other devices more logging will need to be required as it starts to protect high value assets.