Devices logged in with my account

Is there a way to see which devices are logged in with my account? I would like to know if any other devices have access to my cameras other than the “shared” list. Thank you.


This should be available since there’s no second step option available. I need to know if someone else is logged in into my account.

Any response from Wyze on this? This is pretty important

Hello @MauiM3 and welcome to the community.

The app does not currently do this but there is a #wishlist item for this feature I have linked below. You can vote for it in the upper left. As far as a response from WYZE they do look at these forums but do not always reply to everything. The best place for replies to this issue would also be the #wishlist thread, but for the most part this is a user to user community so the bulk of posts will be from users.


Thanks Jason, just voted for it.

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