Log and notification of device logins

Or someone alive that get access to your account and live streaming video of your house.

The app should give me the ability to view which devices are logged in under my account.


I agree logging is a critically important feature. Our apartment flooded while we were gone and my insurance company needs proof that I accessed the camera on a particular date in order to give me coverage.

feature that allows you to see your login history with different Mac addresses IP addresses city-state time login like amount of time logged in be very very helpful.I understand the sharing feature and how it works but if someone gets ahold of your device and is able to kind of sneak Lee login without you knowing it and then use your 2-step verification without you knowing that they could be logged in and you would’ve knew unless you’re trying to read you your pay back like I was and told you can’t because somebody else is watching it


It would be nice to have a non-delete sign in log so we can see when people logged in and make sure our accounts have not been hacked. If it could state what devices logged in that would be cool too.


Hello fellow Wyze Fans,
My camera recently started panning in the mornings by itself, the thumbnail is also changing. This behavior is concerning to me especially with all the talks about hacked smart home devices. I have changed my password and reported the issue. My recommendation, could we have an access log on the app as so many others provide? I would love to see what IP address has viewed my feed, just for some piece of mind.

Thanks everyone!


alright wyse where are we on this we have waited a year + i realize you listen to your community but the community doesn’t prioritize based on security this is something that needs to be prioritized from within the company. im requesting that this be brought off the wishlist and be fast tracked due to general safety and security. community knows best to prioritize enhancements not security. so with that being said where are we on getting camera access logs from all users not just shared accounts. thanks


My cam pan started moving by itself and zooming my face while I tried to unplug it. [Mod Edit] It’s creepy. My cams are prob. Hacked…

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It would be nice to see what IPs or usernames have access the accounts and cameras. I had to change my password and switch my 2FA from SMS to the app due to someone trying to gain access to my account.

Does changing the password boot all logins off and if not we should be able to manage the devices linked or logged in.


This is a big issue. I’ve reset my Wyze password a couple of times, but someone seems to keep bypassing the feed. I work, my wife to be is a stay at home. The mornings I leave the house and she doesn’t get up, there’s usually someone pounding on the house somewhere, but we can never find where. The camera’s get reset, disabled, turned off, memory card is ejected, or maybe even denied WiFi service. Oddly enough, these are only the mornings where my wife doesn’t leave the bedroom, so no camera anywhere sees her. I’m dealing wish someone who knows their stuff and the Wyze system is completely failing me. I have sensors on all exits, motion throughout the house, and about 10 cameras. However, they’re all useless if the WiFi is disabled and the memory cards get ejected via the app. Even the bridges to the sensors tend to fail at key moments. It’s all to coincidental. Either the Wyze platform is very, very buggy in general, or I have a tech head that knows their stuff that loves messing with us. Sad part is, most of my neighbors only know their head from their butt cause you can only drink beer from a can from one over the other.

The Wyze platform lack many features, such as…

  • Resyncing info when reconnecting to WiFi, even if no video to send.
  • A central log file to check device status.
  • An actual audio/visual alarm system outside of a cell phone.
  • Warnings when SD card ejects/fails.
  • Warnings when sensor bridges stop working.
  • Slightly better rules options, such as “blink” to turn a lamp into a visual alarm.
  • Access logs for known devices.
  • They should make hardwired cameras that avoid wifi denial of service.
  • Eventually have a hub unit that can have backup cellular service to send alerts, among over features mentioned above.
  • Also, a programmable button keychain to change how the system responds to coming home and leaving or to turn on and off devices. Sure I can create rules for a cell phone, but convenience is key for proper usage.

Is their still no way to see who has accessed your account and when? Just simple ip address and date/time?


Nope. They are busy making watches and scales and crap.


Now that you can access heating and cooling systems, door locks, irrigation, and security systems this needs be implimemted.

Should someone gain access to an account serious damage can be done. If you’re serious about being a leader in smart home products you need simple account level logging.

If they were serious they would have implemented browser or PC support. They are just a money grab corp. They do not care about their customers.

Why have cams if you cant have one running fulltime to look up at when you hear something outside. I bought a tablet and mounted it to the wall, but the feed times out. Now with that said why would they list all the active devices. They wont. They would rather make Headphones, vacuums, and watches than make their product worth using as security. One of the admins called their products toys and if I want real security to go buy a real security camera.

Everything they make is a xiomi ripoff. Xiomi is blacklisted in the USA. This is the loophole around that blacklist.

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Do they still have no way to view access to devices like cameras and ac/hvac controls? Also will you get an email or alert if the wrong username/password is used to access the account ? These are simple security measures.


I recently noticed someone using the talk feature on one of my cameras. It appears they were able to pair the camera to a new account without the app or camera notifying me. It is odd to me that there is no option to set up a camera password. My account and cameras are not shared with anyone. Some form of log should absolutely exist showing someone accessing the account or especially anytime someone accesses a specific camera.

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This is a security feature and should be added now!
Putting a feature like this to vote seems like wyze don’t care about your user’s security!
No one system is 100% safe, and we as users have the right to see the last activities on our devices!

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Wyze needs logs to be available.

It would be nice if you can see:

-Who logged in/When
-Current Sessions
-When/Who deleted events
-When/Who changed settings

These are simple things that are probably already logged on the wyze servers somewhere, please make them available to your users via the APP and Web APP - ASAP!

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I would take even the first two. How does a company in 2022 not have this information available for security reasons?
-Who logged in/When
-Current Sessions

I even contacted support once and they said they couldn’t even find out this info. So basically you have no idea who is logging in and watching your cameras.

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Notifications of people VIEWING

Please ADD a notifications when someone is VIEWING your camera

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