Provide shared user app and device-level access history

With the previous iOS app, we were able to click right above the name of the camera to show all of the shared users for that camera. By clicking on the name of the shared user, we were able to see both the date and the time of day that shared user accessed that camera. This option is no longer present on the current iOS app. 1) Why was this feature removed and 2) Will it be brought back in a future version of the app? Thank you!!

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This was removed in the v2.x app. The topic has been added to #roadmap so you can now vote for it (click the VOTE button at the top).

Not sure why they would remove this feature… It doesn’t make sense to have to vote on a feature that was already present before and now removed.


Update: I am told that the shared user access history is being restored in the 2.1 app.



We used to be able to see when a shared user of our camera last accessed the camera… Would like to see this brought back to the shared users as view history or last seen log etc. The latest version does not offer this. The original wyze cam had it!

This feature has been added back to the 2.1 version of the app. It is found at:

Home > Camera > Camera Settings > Share > Manage > Press on Shared account

However, it’s been report that it’s not working in some cases. This is being investigated and I expect a fix will be forthcoming.

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Thank you! In v2.1.21 - Confirmed still not working. I tried your path and the shared camera doesn’t show here - nor is there a log or visit history.

Under Account and device sharing I can see a list of the devices and who they are shared with BUT no visit log or last seen history either.

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I just learned that it got slipped out of 2.1.x, so expect it to be back in the 2.2 app release after the beta process is done.

It seems this option has disappeared again and we’re at 2.5.xx

Would really love for it to come back…

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I agree. I can’t find it in 2.5.x app anymore either. I’ll ask Wyze about it.

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That’s a +1 for me. I’d love to see not only shared access history (where one could see who, when, and which camera was accessed by those who’ve it has been shared with and for how long.


Our previous method was incompatible with some of our changes so we’re needing to look into new implementation. Our apologies both for the inconvenience and not updating this topic.


Any update on this feature is appreciated.

Would also like update or know when the shared users can see history.

I wish there was a way to see if the camera’s live feed was being viewed by those it’s been shared with.

I wish we could see how often our shared users view our cameras. Right in the shared user tab I would like it to say how many times my shared users view my cameras along with the date and time they watched footage. It could reset each month. I’d just like to know when they viewed my cameras last. A nice feature it would be because we should have a clue about that.

I want this too!

@UserCustomerGwen This is critical privacy feature and function. An update on this would be greatly appreciated.

This is something we’re still working on but it isn’t ready yet. :slight_smile:


Please implement a feature that allows user to know who is accessing out WyzeCam.

When someone logs in to the camera I would like to get a notification about that log in and what they were looking at.

I share my parents Wyze Cam with other family memvers and want a log of when the cam is accessed.

This will also be helpful to know if any unauthorized access is happening.

Please consider this option.

Thank you.

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