Logs of user access times/actions

I would love to see event logs of when shared users access my cameras. This is quite possibly a feature that I have not discovered OR don’t know how to set up. Would anyone else like to see this?


See instructions to view recent shared user activity here:


However, that function is not currently working in the current beta app.

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There was a last log in time shown in the old app version as well as number of times shared users logged in over a 14 day period. This was removed for some reason in the updated app. I used it to keep track of when shared users were viewing.
I would like a running log of say 7 days of log in times.

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I agree. It would be great to see this feature.

I would also like to have this feature. If it is already a feature can someone direct me on how to view these logs?

This is a standard practice in all devices with user security, I’m sure there’s an access log in the internal memory. Accessing it doesn’t seem possible, I have not yet checked pulling the SD card will contain that info and would guess not. I know these cameras have the ability to be accessed via telnet. However, I think it’s purely a root function that Wyze doesn’t regularly hand out and might be disabled pending the firmware version. These are things I haven’t dug into too much and hope they’ll just make it easy and share logs via a software update.