See which user last looked at camera

Hey all,

In the older version of the Android app there was the ability to see who (which shared user) last opened the camera and what time they viewed it at. I haven’t been able to find that same feature since the new interface rolled out. Is this still buried in there somewhere?

I never noticed that feature in the older version so I’m just guessing here, but when I go into the Wyze app and tap on the Account tab at the bottom right, tap Devices Sharing, tap on a shared camera, then tap on an account it’s shared with, I see “There is no visit”.

To me that seems like that’s saying the person has never “visited” the camera, but since I only have the one shared account that has never used the cameras I can’t say for sure if it tells you the date/time etc for each “visit”.

Yes, it tells you the last time a shared camera was accessed by the person you shared it with.

Mine says the date and time of the last visit to the shared cam, along with the total number of views. So not the date & time of all visits, just the last with a total.

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Just checked mine and it is the same, shows date of last view and then a total of all views