What does a "shared" user see?

I have 3 Wyze cameras and one lock. I have a person who needs to get into my house periodically to do work. In the Wyze app, I selected “Share” from the LOCK settings and that person received an email with an app link. They accepted and downloaded the app.

I ONLY want to share the lock - NOT the cameras. I’m hoping they can only see the lock .

Am I correct in assuming they can’t see the cameras?

I can only speak about cameras … if I have three cameras and I share one, that user can only see the ONE camera I shared …

So I assume it’s the same with the lock - you share ONLY the lock, they shouldn’t be able to see the cams.

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This is true they only get to see what you shared. So if you only share the lock they only have access to the lock.