Can someone walk up to my camera and access it?

I had a paranoid feeling that what if someone has added my cameras to their account without me knowing.?
Is that possible?

I am not referencing the sharing tool, I am thinking about someone who has their own wyze Account for their own purposes, what is to stop them from walking up to my camera and connecting to it.

Now I am pretty sure this is not possible but I need to ask because I can’t find anything out of this. Is there a security setting that prevents this type of activity from happening? Does the camera and I’m using become locked from others trying to do that? Thank you for helping me with the simple question.

is there a log or activity report that can show me what is accessing my camera? Or is the only possibility if I share them with the shared tool?

No one has added your camera to their account if you can still see your camera. But yes, they can setup the camera on their account. If they do that, the camera disappears from your account. So you would notice it occurred. You can reverse that by setting it back up on your account. It would then disappear from theirs.

There is no log of whether someone is using your credentials on another computer. However, if you change your password, then the next time a camera requires reloading on their side, or they quit and reload the app, they will be lose all access.

You can force that to happen immediately by changing your password and simply turning the camera off for a minute. They will get the reload button on their side. When they press it, the app will be forced to re-authenticate their access to the camera, and their old password will force them to the logon screen. They won’t be able to log back on because you changed the password.

If you add 2FA, then they would also need whatever device you specified to get back in even if they had the new password.

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Wouldn’t the person trying to hijack your Camera feed need to also have access to a wifi connection? If you try to set up a Wyze cam on your account and do not have a valid Wifi network to use, how would that work? If they are just trying to hijack the feed, the person would have to know your wfi credentials in order to hijack the viewing of your cam and or continue to access/view your camera that they are trying to view remotely that is still attached to your home. So unless they know your Wifi username and password, or live next door to you and have a strong wifi to set it up using their wifi, I really dont see that being a problem. short of them just stealing the camera for their own use.

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That is a point worth making. It would take a friend or neighbor that either had access to your WiFi or your Guest WiFi, or had their own network in a nearby house or apartment to be able to hijack your camera in place.

Thank you that clarified things for me!


It’s easy to steal a WiFi password. Recall that Google map cars “accidentally” collected WiFi logins and passwords?

I know of at least one device you can legally buy on the net that can do this.

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The cameras aren’t tamper proof. If I were to put them outside, they would have to be in some sort of protective container which makes their ports and buttons inaccessible. One of the reasons why I am waiting on the outdoor cameras to see if they can solve this issue.