Who can get access

My handyman has access to my cameras because he works at my house almost daily. He helped me install the cameras. He also has my router password because he uses my WiFi while at my house.

Once I set up a camera on my app, is there any way he could set the camera up a second time and have access to the cameras? I’ve basically claimed the cameras when I click setup the first time but does that stop someone else from just clicking setup again to gain camera access? I haven’t shared them with him.

probably it’s time to get a lawyer?

I don’t know he has done anything wrong. I just want to make sure people can’t get access. My nieces and nephews bring their groups of kids too. All smart teenagers/college kids. They also can physically touch the cameras and know my router password since they are regular guests to my house. I just want to make sure once I have claimed a camera, if someone clicks setup a second time using their own phone, they can’t get access. Or, it will kick my camera off my network so I’ll know there is a problem. The question is can it be used by two people or just one, with the one person then having to share it.

With most of the Wyze cameras, if someone has physical access to the camera and a Wyze account, there is nothing to prevent them from putting the camera into setup and adding that camera to their account. Doing so will remove the camera from your account.

Yes, the handyman can do that, but you’d know. Because you have fewer cameras. Or at least, fewer working cameras.

The real question is: does he have your Wyze user ID and password? If yes, he has total control of all your cameras and you need to change your Wyze password immediately.