2nd Person Access

Wondering if I can have a second person with access to the WyzeCam just installed? I can find no data on this.

Yes, two ways:

  1. Give the other person you login credentials and have them login as you. Multiple copies of the app logged in as the same user can view the cameras. The other person would have complete control and access.
  2. Share the camera: Click Support at the top of this page, then FAQ, then search for "Share". You will find instructions there.
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Can you choose which cams you want to share?

For example. I want to put one outside front door, one outside back door and one In The living room. I’d like to share video with my mom but don’t want her to see the indoor cam. Is it possible to share just some or does it share all on the account?
Thanks in advance

Yes. Each Camera can be shared independently of the other.

Thank you for an amazingly fast response!

So if I understand correctly I should be able to share the access to my fiancé for all, mom for some and then I control all the settings.

I don’t want my mom knowing of the camera inside the home. It’s an extra security from sticky fingered family and the less who know about it the better.

Correct. Go to the camera you want to share and open it. Then click the gear at the top right. you will see sharing. From there, you can pick who you want to share that camera with.

On the outside camera’s you would share those with your mom, and on all camera’s, you can share them with your fiancé.

Another option, as @kyleonholiday recommended, is to give your fiancé your credentials, then they will be able to do all of the functions and see everything in Wyze. Then only Share the outdoor Camera’s with your mom.

However, the individuals will have to have the Wyze App installed.