Can a 2nd party share my cameras with a 3rd party?

I shared my camera with one person. Can that person share my camera with another person I don’t know?

Also, is there a way for me to know when someone a shared my camera with is viewing the camera?


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If you have to ask, then you’re sharing cameras with the wrong person. :slight_smile:

Sorry I don’t know the answer but of course the other person could always give out their own credentials and you’d be stuck.


That is a big negative. I just checked my Wife’s Wyze account, it says the device was shared by me (my account) and she does not have most of the options available to the owner, including the ability to share the device.

However, as Customer said, the person can always share their account credentials.

What my account shows in the Device settings:

What my Wife’s account shows (after I shared this device with her account):

The shared account is missing lots of settings and does not have the ability to share with another account, only the ability to share their account credentials (username/password) with someone else.


That means the person I’m talking to is passing the info along OR the third person has a listening device in the room.

Thanks for the information.

If you are concerned about this, you can revoke your share which would eliminate the individual from seeing your devices, and remove your concern. They will know you removed them, so be prepared to explain.

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Can you set an alert, like most reliable multi factor authentication services do, to email you when someone authenticates to log in?

You do have MFA turned on?

My suspicions were confirmed when I tricked the third person to remove some large items from the yard. I think I can get them to move out completely and let them think they’ve outsmarted me.

Humans! Ugh. Am I right?

It sounds like you shared it with a roommate who is not trustworthy.
I agree with @spamoni4 revoke the share you previously gave.
Secondly, move out, or make them move out. Avoid living in unhealthy environments.


I’ve thought of revoking. When I shared it was to have extra eyes on the place. After Wyze’s fake AI kept notifying us of basically nothing, this person said they turned off notifications and would stop checking on it. Sounds like a reason to revoke, right? No. A person who was tired of it would’ve said they had deleted the Wyze app altogether. Had I revoked the share they could’ve messed with the cameras/sensors or accuse me of using it to spy on them. You know, typical human reaction. Therefore it stays as is until the lease is over. LOL

PS: Do I live with Russians and Chinese? Klingons and Romulans? Next time I’ll move in with two women instead… they make for better company. LOL