Ability to force log out of all devices

Hello, my roommate is moving out on the first and I want to make sure she isn’t logged in to my cameras after that. Is there a way to log out of all devices? I’ve already changed my password.

Unfortunately, while this is something that they’re looking into, there is currently no force logout of all devices. The standard timeout for password to be required is 7 days. You could try calling support at (844) 999-3226 and see if they can do so on the server end. I don’t know if that’s possible.

Other than that, other than waiting 7 days, I think the only option would be to create a new account using a different email address and set the cameras up on that account.

EDIT: I just realized you said “on the first”, so her login should time out by then and you should be good to go.

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If I’m suppose to be timed out after 7 days it isn’t happening. I’ve had these up and running for a year or so and I’ve only been logged out once and that was after an update.

Sorry, I haven’t been paying that much attention to when I’ve been required to log back in. I was told it was seven days. I think a call to support is in order for your case.

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I believe the seven day logout applies if you aren’t actively using the app for seven days straight. I could be wrong, though.


Could be. I get logged out occasionally, but I’m using so many different versions on so many different devices that I’m not a good test case.

In any event, there really needs to be a way to force logout all devices in the case that a user believes their credentials have been compromised.

There was a conversation about this a while back, but I can’t seem to find it now.

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@DreadPirateRush This is more accurate

@thatliz11 We don’t have a forced log out feature right now, Enabling two-factor authentication is another solution. If you enable it and link your number, your friend will not be able to login without the SMS code.

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In the case of 2FA, if the account already is set up with 2FA, and if a device is already logged in and used every day, then there would still be no way to force that device out of the account, correct?

In other words, turning on 2FA if not already on will help in the OP’s case, but will not help if 2FA was on to begin with?

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This is correct.

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Would closing/deactivating my account and setting it up with a different email work?

Yes it will work. Loki mentioned that in his first reply.
You don’t have to close/deactivate the old account. Just associate the camera with a new account.


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I personally believe this is an important feature that Wyze should give priority to implementing for user security.


As far as I am concerned this is beyond a wish for a new feature. It’s more of an oversight on Wyze’s part that it isn’t there to begin with.

For future users, don’t give out your login / password. Share your camera instead. That way you do have control.


What he said :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hmm, I know this is old, but I don’t know why nobody mentioned rebooting the router? That will force every device to reconnect.

That won’t log anyone out of the app though

From what I understand, when current connection is terminated (the router cycled), the app will try to login again, using its saved credentials. But since the password has changed, the saved password is no longer valid, and the new login attempt will fail.

Edit - Actually, it’s a lot simpler than that.

Keep in mind that when you login to the Wyze app, you’re connecting to the Wyze server and not directly to the camera.

The roommate is moving out. We can safely assume that the roommate is going to connect from another location. That means the roommate is going to login again, and that will fail because the password has changed.

They won’t have to log in again if they never logged out of the app on that device

The app needs to login again. Once the network link is broken, the existing network session is discarded, and the app needs to establish another session. This is why the credentials are saved.

In short, once the physical connection is broken, you’re logged out. Think about how much data the server has to maintain to do otherwise, not to mention the severe security issues that situation presents.

Clarification: When I say, “roommate is going to login again”, I meant his app is going to login again for him.

If you change your password, it will not affect devices that are already logged on. I think we agree on that.

I can’t reboot my router right now, but I found another way to simulate the situation. A router reboot WILL work, but not for the reasons you think. Yes, the household with the downed router will have to re-authenticate, but I don’t think a remote user would.

However, I ran 2 devices, changing the password on only one of them. Then after I proved to myself the second device was going to continue receiving the cams without the new password, I powered off & on again one cam. This simulates the effect of the origin household rebooting their router – the remote household would lose connections to the cameras.

So the second device showed that cam going offline, as you would expect. After the cam came up again, I pressed the reload button for that cam (theoretically in the remote household). The second device went straight to the logon screen.

So, even disconnecting your Internet cable for a minute or so should work. Heck, I seem to have to reload each camera sometime through the day, so even if you did nothing, as long as you changed the password they would get the logon screen after the first camera had to be reloaded.