Sign out of all devices

How do you sign out of all devices? Changing the password does not force all devices to resign in.

This was mentioned two years ago in reddit,

tell me there’s a solution already.

Spitballing: could you change the password then force a reboot from the app?

I changed the password, didn’t see the force reboot option in the app.

Camera, Device Settings, Restart Device. This can also be done via a routine.

Thank you, that worked.

Maybe make the account sign out in any device automatically when password is changed?

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I agree.
I just cracked my phone screen and will be taking it to a repair shop. I was sick at the idea they will be able to access my camera app AND all my passwords. My husband installed Samsung DEX onto my laptop which enabled me to access everything on my cell. I went in and uninstalled the Wyze app that way. I also set up two factor authentication, which forced the app to request the new info.