Wyze Cam v2 Turns On Automatically by Itself

On occasion I’ll be notified that an event was recorded. I notice that the cam that I had turned off (as a group of 2 Wyze Cam V2) recorded my brother going into the camera’s field of view. I am the only one with control. No one is turning the camera on. I then need to turn off the camera, which I do either individually or with the group button. I am finding this happening occasionally over the past month, about 4 times. I have upgraded to the latest software on the cam. I only use Android devices.

It is very easy to inadvertently turn the camera on when you are in the app either by scrolling or touching the group or individual cameras. Also double check that there are no rules or schedules that may turn the camera on.

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Thanks for the response. I’ll double and triple check yet again but I definitely didn’t inadvertently turn it on. I’ll discover it on by accident because I’ll be alerted of an event for a set of cameras that weren’t originally turned on because people were known to be at home.