WyzeCamV2 turn on by themselves stealthily

So I noticed this around the end of november, I have 2 wyze cam V2 (one white and one black), one plugged in to a UPS one to a surge protector only. I noticed more than anything because it was dark already and I turned of the lights, I heard the very telling CLICK of the IR lights turning on, and sure enough looking at the cam I see the 4 red lights on it…
You could argue that “you turned them on by mistake” but in the app they were “OFF”, you can then argue “might have been a glitch and the sensors kicked in, they weren’t on”, but after turning them on I went to playback and it had plenty of events recorded throughout the day… I have had to turn ON then OFF the cameras to keep them off, then they turn on again at some point, the clicking is the only way for me to tell, this is very worrysome…
I wouldn’t call this a feature, more like a paranoia-inducing bug, is someone spying on me? Am I being super hacked that they can turn on the hardware regardless of the software? Am I the Truman show now?
Has anyone noticed something like this? the cameras turn on (ON ON, not ON OFF in the app) after power outages (which I think is something newish too, they used to turn on but still off in the app). I did a couple of firmware upgrades after the first time this happened, not sure what I can\should try to troubleshoot this.

I have not experienced that, but is it possible you have a rule setup which turns on the camera’s?

I don’t, but they would show up as “ON” in the app if I did. That’s the problem, they seem “OFF” when this happens, and the only rules I have is on to turn them on when I press it and one to turn them off when I press it, and I haven’t turned them on in like 2 months because of this, so I’m not even going into the app by mistake

More like that Allen Funt show. :movie_camera: :upside_down_face:
I leave my cams on all the time and sometimes find them off. Don’t know. . .

They never really turn off.