Cameras turning on randomly

Over the last few days, all my cameras have turned on by themselves. I’m a bit concerned by this. Thoughts?

Do you have any Rules programmed to turn the cameras on or off? Have you reviewed your Rules History?

Are you sharing any cams with other users?

Immediately prior to this, did any of your cams receive firmware updates or did you update the App. I have found that some weird things can result from updates. I usually review all my cam settings after an update.

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Are your cameras going from Off to On in the Home page of the App or are you just seeing the Status Light change color?

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They are going on , not off, on the home page, I turn them off when I see them on . They are set to go on and off with Google when I come home and when I leave with specific commands/key phrases for each. I guess Google could be mishearings things were saying, but…
I share with my husband who, on a regular basis, forgets to turn them on and off when he comes and goes lol
I don’t believe they were updated recently.

Is there a Routine History within Google Home that might show you when the Routine has been executing? I don’t use GH for any automations.

There are some variables there that may be having this effect.

One tool that I have used in the past to narrow the time when an Automation, like turning a cam on or off, was triggering without my knowledge is to use other devices and Wyze Rules to notify me when the event occurs.

For example, if the cam is going on randomly, I would set a Wyze Rule to upload a short video on a second cam that is subscribed to Cam Plus when the first cam turns on. This would produce an Automation Upload to the Events and would send me a Push Notification from the server the moment it happens. When I get that notification, I know “something” happened to turn it on. Now I have a specific time narrowed down to check the variables that could have turned it on.

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I’ll look into both suggestions! Thank you!