Cameras activating by themselves

I downloaded the latest version of software and since then my cameras are acting a if they have a life of their own. One turns on randomly when I am definitely NOT there, Another looks like it’s turned off, but takes pictures and sends me notices even though it never shows as being on. I’m getting awakened in the middle of the night with notices and in general am suddenly finding these cameras beyond annoying. I only want them turned on when I decide to to turn them on. What gives? I deleted the app and then redownloaded it but to no avail. Help!!! Please.

Well you did not say which cameras, did you turn the power of, turn off from the app, turn off event recording, turn off notification for each camera or all cameras. Some additional information is required. Latest version of software means little, posting the version of the firmware is better information.

In addition to @Antonius s questions, can you explain this one a little more. What is “off”? Powered off? Does the camera view show a button to turn it back on? Does the camera view show an error message? What does the camera status lights show? (Depending on whatever camera you are experiencing this on).

Are there rules set to turn the cams on or off? Are you sharing the cams ?