October update caused my cam to turn itself on

Normally I use my camera to record my room when I leave to go to work. Since Covid has started I have been home so I have disabled the rule for the camera to turn itself on. This essentially means that I should only be able to turn the camera on when I open the app. So can someone tell me why my camera decided to turn itself on at midnight on October 4th? Has this happened to anyone else?

I have an SD card in so I was able to go back in and see exactly where the footage started and ended a little after 9 am when I woke up. I know I didn’t even open my Wyze app at that point in time where the recording started. This feels like a major invasion of privacy and unless I get an adequate answer I will be discarding my Wyze cam Pan and some other Wyze products I recently bought.

Please be aware after the latest update and check your SD card if you have one on your cams. This becomes more so disturbing since cloud storage integration is becoming a thing and now these clips and videos are stored on a server and not just on your SD card.

But is it ever really off…

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And this is the concerning thing… This one mishap has made me lose my trust and confidence in this camera. In order to keep using this I think I’ll hook it up to a wirelessly controlled outlet or just completely get rid of it. This is beyond concerning for privacy. Thanks for the link to the reddit!

I understand what you’re saying but I’m really not trying to bash Wyze. One must be wary and cautious with any device connected to the interweb from any company. Good luck!

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