Strange Sound

Hi guys! I’m getting a strange, really loud feedback sound when I try to listen on my phone. Everything else is working perfectly! Any suggestions on how to eliminate this feedback noise? I’m planning to use the camera as a baby/nanny monitor, so it’s extremely important that I can hear clearly. As of now, the feedback drowns out any other sounds.
Thanks for any help!

If you are in the same room, or nearby the camera when you turn on the sound to the monitor the camera, you will get a feedback loop. Try it from a different spot where the camera microphone can’t pick-up the sound from the phone.

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Ahhhhh! That makes total sense! I will try that! I guess I won’t need to watch the footage if I’m in the room! Haha! :woman_facepalming:t2: Thank you so much!

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You’re very welcome! :slight_smile: