Talk Feature

Help!!! Camera’s talk feature doesnt work… 2 outdoor cameras and one indoor…(1 indoor does work) all i get is feedback high pitch screaming - vibrations… Tried all options to fix… nothing works and of course they zre brand new and Wyze won’t warranty as i…GASP…live in CANADA! Help help help

Welcome to the forums! Is the camera right next to do as you talk through the phone? Could it be actually an audio feedback loop?

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Ive been at work 20 min drive away… ive been in another room, or right beside…No difference - can you explain what you mean audio feed back shouldn’t happen when im away from it… I can zee issues if standing right beside - sigh*

If you are away from the camera, it shouldn’t do a feedback loop. If your screeching is effecting all your cameras, I am just trying to think of a common bond due to it effecting different cameras the same. What app version are you using, and on what device and OS? What camera versions, and what firmware are they on?

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All updated apps,my phone is a android and it gives feedback/ screeching on both outdoor cameras and my one pan cam in the house but NOT the stationary camera… So weird… i have attempted to trouble shoot EVERYTHING…UGGG maybe all but one defective… ?? they wont warranty as in Canada

Are the cameras in a corner or some other area where sound might get reflected back to the camera? I doubt very much that you have multiple bad cameras. Can you record the sound and post it here?

Nope one attached to house in open,

one about 150 ft from house and another in my living room… I have no idea and no one can suggest why they dont work…

this video only shows minor feedback most of the time its significant “SCREAMING”