Other voices on the camera

This has been asked before but they were all closed topics, so I figured I’d bring it back up, so I can get a better understanding. At first after reading other people’s comments, I thought yeah maybe its picking up someone’s voice outside but after midnight though, and it’s not muffled. I can hear the words just fine, so not sure if these cameras can pick up conversations like a baby monitor sometimes does, that I’ve seen before but this is my first time with the cameras. I do have water running in the background and I do admit that’s what I thought it was at first but then it got clearer, like I know what words are being said, so it’s not the running water in the background. Just curious.

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I am so glad that you posted about this issue. Mine is the same. It sounds like the camera is right next to a stream or river. I thought that it was a really sensitive microphone. I did some experiments with placing the camera in different locations and then going to that area or into an adjacent room and speaking in a normal voice to see what it picked up. I found that it was not able to record recognizable words from another room unless i was yelling. Outdoors it was hard to make out what I was saying further than approximately 20-25 feet. I live in a rural area so the is not a lot of ambient or background noise that I know of. I am really baffled by this and disappointed in the product.
Another malfunction that I can point out is that I can pause all recordings and the “noise still continues to play”. It feels like there is a soundtrack being played over the top of the microphone recording and is independent from the actual sounds picked up in real time.
I look forward to hearing what the engineer’s ha to say about this issue. I am responding to an old post so I will do more research to find out if it is just my own user error or if this is a common complaint.
Thanks again for the topic and post!


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