WYZE cam outdoor

Just received two Wyze Wifi outdoor cams. When I activate the mike option I get a lot of noise, lot of echo on my android phone, lots of weird screeching sound. You can hear talking but it’s low and intermittent with lots of high pitch whistling. Then speaking into the Cam does the same, so basically the mike and speaker options are so bad as to be unusable. Tried it with a second cam and same problem audio speaker and mike are really really bad, totally unusable. My house is far from other houses so can’t blame interference. You can also hear what sounds like garbled talking. Sounds like but may not be, but very noisy.

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The mike on the outdoor is worse than the V2. Another downgrade compared to the V2 camera!! (alert speed, zone detection & lack of playback are the other downgrades imo)

Yes, they suck. I don’t know why they bothered.
The tiny speaker and mic are enclosed in a water-proof case that greatly reduces their effectiveness.
I have no intention of using either one, so it’s not a big deal to me.

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How close to the wco are you? Enough so that the sound from one can be heard by the other and a feedback loop.is created? Move away or get a second person to test.

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The phone was in the house forty feet away and the camera is outside, and I’m standing three feet from it. There’s howling, screeching noise, some type of weird echo, it’s totally unusable. Both units I have exhibit the same problem. Audio is intermittent as well, breaks up. I was also quite surprise on how hot the base units get. Very difficult to understand what the person that is talking is saying. Volume is very low and I live in a very quiet neighborhood. I have cable high speed internet, so that’s definitely not the problem. I don’t have any other houses near me.

Agree, the mic/speakers are pretty useless. Pretty disappointed in that feature for sure. Getting the same result as you.