Outdoor Camera speaker not clear

I just installed my wyze outdoor camera, everything is running well. The only complaint is when I went to test the audio on the cam, I could bearly hear what was being said. The mic is awesome and I can hear everything on the app thru my phone. But the person who I was talking to could hardly make out what I was saying. Is there a setting for this or a quality adjustment? Thanks

I have this same issue. Have 3 Outdoor cameras installed. Recorded sound is fine. The “SPEAK” function does not work and has been tested on all three cameras. All you get is scratchy noises. There is no understandable audio that can be heard. Not even if you try. Just static, crackling sounds.

Is there a fix for this?? 3 cameras not working with this feature seems to indicate the feature doesn’t really work in real life despite advertising to the opposite. All cameras purchased at the same location. Bad batch? Does anyone have Outdoor cameras that this feature actually works?