Audio problem w/ wyze cam outdoor

speaker on cam squawks and squeaks when I speak thru the app.

Tried all the suggestions and still no good.


If your WCO had usable audio that would be a fluke. I got the same thing - chirps, squeaks & the like - no audio. That issue is also documented in a few youtube videos. It is actually is the second big issue. The 1st is the delay between detection & receiving push notifications. It’s nearly a minute depending on your cell service. Additionally, don’t be surprised if your charging lamp never stops blinking, even with a full charge.



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  • Are you close to the camera? It might be giving feedback like on a microphone.
  • When using the duplex audio try manually turning the mic and sound on and off. I’ve had this issue and it seemed to fix it.

Outdoor cam appears to lack a setting to permanently disable audio / sound recording. An x by the speaker icon in live stream view merely suppresses audio on the phone while viewing the live stream. Clips have audio recorded in them. I don’t want audio because it’s always traffic noise. Also in many states if you record audio without a person’s knowledge you are much more likely to get sued over audio recordings than you would over video recordings.

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Having the same issue. Only happens when I activate speak and I say something…

I am sorry to inform you: Wyze two way audio is inferior to every other brand I have. Check the Youtube Wyze vs other camera reviews. Wyze usually comes in last for audio quality against other cameras, lag, clarity, etc. Now, the WOC audio really sucks because the speaker and microphone are in an enclosed case with no speaker grill. It will always suck. I don’t even know why they bothered to put it in. It’s basically useless and will not be fixed by you or Wyze.