Cam Outdoor - Speak issue

I installed my cam outdoor today, the video and motion is all fantastic, but when I tried to use the speak option, it said speak busy try again, tried that, then it said operation failed.

I have reset it a couple of times, most likely user error, hah, If anyone has had this issue, would appreciate your comments. Thank you.

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I just installed a Wyler outdoor cam v2 and I keep getting the same message. “Speaker is busy. Please try again later”. The speaker and microphone have worked during the testing phase. What can I try to get them working?

That would depend on what’s causing the speaker is busy error. It doesn’t even specify if its the cam speaker or the device with the app speaker.

It could also be an issue with the app and it gets in a bad state.

I would suggest rebooting you Wyze app device and see what happens. If that doesn’t work then its a time worth trying a power cycle of the Wyze cam (unless someone knows which side its on. I’m going with the app but never seen this issue.)

If it doesn’t work after one of those then you should try reinstalling the Wyze app or otherwise clearing it to a fresh state and see if that helps.

After that you might as well contact Wyze support or just try waiting as the complexity would increase a ton. (Of course maybe someone else here has seen it and knows what might help.)