Outdoor Cam sound on Android

When I turn the talk function on using the Wyze app for my outdoor cam, I get a terrible screeching sound and I am unable to talk to someone outside looking at the camera. If I turn the talk function off on the Wyze app, the screeching goes away and I can clearly hear the outside person talking to me but I can’t talk to them because the talk function is turned off. I have a Samsung S10 phone. Any suggestions?

I’m having same issues. It looks like it’s not pausing speaker when you push the talk button. I noticed on the v2 cams it would pause the speaker when pushing the mic button, then when release it would unpause the speaker button. But on outside camera it keeps both buttons on. Which I’m thinking it’s causing a echoing reverb on phone and camera. I have a Google pixel 3 and also it does it on wife’s pixel 4