Wyze App & Outdoor Cam

I’ve got a number of Wyze cams. With the android app, I can be listening to music on phone & looking at any of my v2 cams or pan cams with no problems.
But whenever I open one of my Outdoor cams (WOC), the music on my phone stops. I don’t think I have the microphone enabled on any of the cams. Once I exit out of viewing an Outdoor cam, then the music starts again. Why?

I noticed when looking at the cams in the app, the “Sound” and “Speak” icons have X’s thru them like they are disabled. On the Outdoor cams, the “Sound” icon has an X, but the “Speak” does not. It’s almost as if the app thinks I’m trying to speak even though I’m not touching the icon.

I also noticed if using the Tinypro app, my music never cuts out. So apparently it’s an app “feature”/BUG…?

Unfortunately the Tinypro app is not an option though since I’m mainly interested in using the WOC in Travel Mode to monitor something while driving.

Why does the Wyze app think the sound is on (and turns off music on android phone), when the sound is NOT on?