Wyze Outdoor Cam How to *trigger* on sound event?

See topic. I want my WOC to trigger on sound (like my V3) I can’t find it.

Thank you.

There is no sound detection trigger on the Outdoor Camera. I suspect that is to reduce complaints from false detections.

Back in the old days when I had my V2 set to sound detection outdoors (was interested in notifications of squirrels jumping my patio fence because they chew on it) I got SO many alerts. Wind noise blowing across the mic hole was by far the most common. But also dogs barking, lawnmowers, kids playing, trucks driving by… None for squirrels tho, because I turned sound detection off by the second day!

We have Cicadas now, so I imagine that would be an issue too. And crickets chirping…

The WCO will record sound. I don’t have cam plus on my WCO anymore but if you had cam plus on the WCO I think it would be under the notifications tab along with Wyze AI events, all other events and sound? Without CP you get no sound notifications.

The WCO does record sound, but it will not trigger off it, not even with Cam Plus. I just assigned a license off another camera to be sure.

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I’m getting senile, I couldn’t remember whether or not it would :upside_down_face: